Your Agile
Edge Architect

Intelligent Edge Computing and
Distributed Cloud Platform

Blaine Mathieu Announced as Praetexo CEO – learn more here.

Why Praetexo?

Transformative applications must be able to sense, analyze, and take action on massive amounts of data in real time.

This requires a distributed cloud where critical capabilities of a cloud service are delivered at multiple locations, near the edge.

Overcoming the Challenges

Creating and deploying such architectures and applications is complex and challenging.

Applications that run initially often fail at scale and under challenging, real-world conditions.

The Result

The vast majority of ‘digital transformation’ POCs fail or take far longer to bring to market than originally planned.

The Answer

Praetexo reduces project cost and risk of failure, while accelerating time to value – by 10X or more.

What is Praetexo?

Praetexo is an intelligent edge computing and distributed cloud platform that dramatically accelerates the design, testing and implementation of distributed architectures required for next-gen applications.

Based on open and proven technologies, Praetexo configures and provisions a resilient and secure platform to meet the specific needs of your application.

“Praetexo sends the algorithm to the petabyte, not the petabyte to the algorithm”

Only Praetexo...

Is fundamentally open -
no black boxes

Is adaptable with an architectural configurator

Is built secure from
the ground up

Is resilient
via distributed computing

Is scalable to handle extreme data volumes

Is proven in the field


Praetexo architectures are best-suited to these types of situations:
Such applications are often found in: