Navigate an ocean of data

Praetexo’s Distributed Computing Architecture has enabled Navidium to provide ship owners and operators with faster, safer, and more reliable data processing, more efficient and less expensive operations, lower levels of CO2 emissions, and increased control on the edge. Praetexo brings edge computing to the maritime sector.

The rise of the smart city

Praetexo has helped city administrators to successfully deploy hundreds of thousands of sensors, generating hundreds of millions of data-points per second, connected to create safer, smarter, and more sustainable urban environments. Praetexo is the fast and most reliable answer to the challenges of hyper-connected cities.

Efficiency is power

Praetexo’s reliable platform has supported Norway’s Hallingdal Kraftnett AS (HKN) in its effort to optimize its operations and to increase oil and gas production at the Sarsang Block in Iraq. As a result, HKN is meeting its multiple goals of actionable insights, distributed solutions, and reliable systems. 


Construction transformation

The trend is clear. A building is more than a place. It is a service, a living being, growing with the people in it, helping them to solve problems and meet needs. Optimizing choices and reducing operational costs are the value that edge computing can bring to the construction industry. Praetexo is now helping Skanska test and deploy its innovative concepts.

...and many more.