Navidium is a Maritime CleanTech company with a wide range of innovative IoT products for the maritime industry. Navidium supports merchant vessel managers to improve their overall operational efficiency and increase their visibility. Optimized routing, lower energy consumption, and improved off-shore and on-shore operations lead to reduced operational costs and lower emissions. Navidium operates globally and has a fast-growing customer base.

BIM Virtual

BIM Virtual is a solution provider specializing in providing digital twin technologies for the construction and real estate sectors. Its construction-tech and property-tech expertise focuses on connecting and contextualizing data for ‘built environments’. Acknowledged by Autodesk University as the most innovative digital twin solution and ‘best of the best’ at enabling powerful use cases including risk management, safety, and productivity optimization.


luxML enables the private sector to monetize disruptive technologies and improves the efficiency and efficacy of the public sector.

Industry Corp.0

Industry Corps exists to help manufacturing firms identify and deploy smart SCADA technology to ultimately make their environments safer, more profitable, and more enjoyable for their employees.  Our expertise centers on minimizing complexity, cost, security risks, and time investments required.


Northscaler´s world leading scale-up technology provides sustainable solutions for businesses to grow operations. We like to think of scaling technology as the invisible business enabler – working progressively and intuitively with your teams so that you can be unbounded in your achievements.