Platform Principles

Open Foundations

Open architecture based on open source components.
Minimize licensing costs and free your operations from black boxes you can’t control.

Security First

System security always as a first priority.
Focus on meeting the needs of your organization, not worrying about the next breach or exploit

Fundamentally Distributed

Smart distribution. Processing where it makes the most sense.
Avoid the huge costs and latency issues of processing all data in a single, centralized cloud.

Radical Resilience

Always resilient. Even if one or more nodes go down or disconnect.
Critical system elements are always up and operating. No more disconnections.

Scalability and Performance

Linear scalability ensures even the most high-volume applications are supported.
Future-proof your applications and avoid a key failure mode for many production-level systems.

Inherent Intelligence

AI and Ml can rapidly be incorporated into systems running at the edge.
Make intelligent decisions and take critical actions in real time.

Key Platform Elements

By combining the following key elements, Praetexo enables you to provision an enterprise-grade architecture and begin deploying complex applications up to 20x faster than you ever thought possible.

Architectural Configurator

  • Provide the requirements of your application and Praetexo will produce a feature map of the optimal architecture and its individual components.

  • Kick-start your efforts with pre-configured architectures for use cases including shipping; smart buildings; swarm-based defense; smart grids; distributed manufacturing; and others.


  • Once configured, simulations can be run on a digital twin of the system to determine suitability for your use case.

  • Proactive threat assessment/security auditing is also possible.


  • Quickly provision the system to staging or production, once or many times depending on the configuration.

  • Private, public, and hybrid clouds are supported as well as micro clouds running in the fog and near the edge.

Monitoring and Optimization

  • At your option, systems architected with Praetexo can be monitored to ensure optimal performance and notification of issues.

  • As new or upgraded components become available, Praetexo can intelligently suggest changes and predict their impacts.

“Praetexo is your personal edge architect.”